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Dreams are fulfilled only when it is given a radiance of reality with a strong determination, dedication and passion--- and this is what we have learnt through our achievement . ‘Spring , Petals has sprung up into a tiny, yet, a sturdy and colorful foundation school. It has soared up silently ,but steadly and has reached towards the way to wisdom and glory.


The Montessori Method is a scientific method based on the discovered laws of development of the mind and body of the child. It redefines education as a process needed to develop and actualize human potentialities. It is concerned not merely with the ability to store and retrieve actual information but with the blossoming of the entire personality of the child. The habits and skills of a child develops in a Montessori environment serve him for a lifetime. Concentration, self discipline to develop an independent confident, balanced, happy personality.

The Spring Petals environment is a child size world. Whatever is in the world outside is incorporated into the such a manner that the child finds it easy to use and understand. The scientifically designed materials and activities stimulate the independent exploration on a level the child can proceed at his own pace from simple activities to move complex ones.Through this process the child’s curiosity is satisfied and he begins to experience the thrill of discovering the world around him . He strives in his attempts to achieve perfection and is generally content and happy to work.

Freedom in this environment is good , not a standing point. A child is allowed to work freely choosing whatever activity interests him as long as he does not disturb others .

The encouragement to independent activity leads to real independence of mind and action. In this environment children are of all ages and abilities . The children may choose to work together or individually.

This social environment requiring active regard for others and cooperation with the another develops the social sense of the child.

The Spring Petals in its educational program takes advantage of the sensitive periods.
At Spring Petals the teachers role is to assist the child in his development . The child is introduced to the materials and the method of performing the activity and encouraged to experience it himself and teach himself through him own activity .After careful observation new and challenging tasks are introduced.

The Spring Petals classrooms environment is a pure Montessori environment consisting of 4 areas.

  1. Development activities
    (a) Exercises of every day life
    (b) Exercises of grace and country
    These activities like sorting cleaning polishing , how to greet, sneeze, introduce children to everyday purposeful action they see around themselves. They enable the child to the independent take care of them selves take care of environment and understand how things can be done perfectly
  2. Sensorial Activities
    the specially prepared sensorial material give concrete form the abstracted properties. The sensorial apparatus provide the child with sensorial motors activities which have been planed for each one of the sessions .They help the child to become sensitive to colors, shapes , temperature , sounds etc. through his own experimental learning and discovery.
  3. Language
    Language is continuously introduced through stories rhymes and songs that are taught to the children . Each new impression stimulate the need for impression . We help the child express his impression by giving him the right words . Each new word help him enrich in vocabulary.When the child is about 3 and 1/2 years of age and is conversing fluently in English , the language materials are introduced to him.
    The child is helped to become conscious of the spoken language on the level of sounds we use a symbol to materialize the sound, we offer letters as symbols for sound of spoken language and on the basis of this he can handle them and become conscious of the fact that his language is made up of sounds
  4. Arithmetic
    When the child is Spontaneously and consciously interested in looking at things and consciously things from a quantitative point of view he need to give expression to the quantitative aspect of things , there difference and comparisons in a precise manner.
    We offer activities them belong to the field of arithmetic is reply to an * need of the child to give expression in a precise way
    We offer counting only by counting he can establish relations to things meaning quantities in terms of unit.
    Arts and crafts music and movement projects by trained staff focused a regular part of the school program. All festival are celebrated in the school with great importance . The cultural aspect are highlighted and the children participate with enthusiasm.

Caring For Children Is Not Just Part Of What We Do.
It’s All We Do!

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Shipra Swaraj
Shipra Swaraj
This review is to inform parents that i was working with Spring Petals as a Principal since October 2018. I have resigned on 26th August 2019 which was accepted by the school director Mrs. Prema Kejriwal. But the school has messaged to each parent that they have withdrawn my service as i was not working upto the mark. Not only the director but also the parents knows how much effort i have put for the betterment of the school. This blame is not at all acceptable from my side. I will upload the xerox copy of my resignation letter in my next review. I hope Spring Petals administration enacts professionally.
Prem Chand
Prem Chand
One of the best play school...in this school my child learn something new every day. School focuses on the development of every child.
Riya roy
Riya roy
Best play school in the city.. It caters overall personality development of their child.
Rajesh Ranjan
Rajesh Ranjan
Best play school.very caring teachers... good teaching methods.